vitamins for weight loss

6 important vitamins for weight loss that will slim you down fast

Eat these vitamins for weight loss and walk your way slim

Compared to ancient times, today’s lifestyle has changed a great deal. When it comes to food habits, we have drifted off in the negative direction as people eat lots of foods. But they rarely exercise due to the demanding jobs they have to do to sustain themselves. This has led to high obesity levels, and most people now are rushing to lose the weight.

However, the big question is, how does one lose weight in healthy and natural ways? given that most weight loss pills have a lot of chemicals. If you are in such a predicament, do not fret, as you can use vitamins for weight loss and get nutrients while you are at it.

Vitamins for weight loss include:

Calcium/vitamin D

It helps to slow fat retention and lowers the potential of one getting insulin-resistance syndrome. Most people tend to gain weight in their midlife stage, but high intake of calcium has been proven to curb this.vitamins for weight loss


Classified as a B vitamin though it’s not completely a vitamin, it’s a fat emulsifier and works with inositol to use up the cholesterol and extra fats in your body. Shortage of choline leads to blockage of fat metabolism due to the liver being clogged with fat

B vitamins

This is the most commonly used vitamin for losing weight as it primarily helps the body combat stress and produces a lot of energy which is used to break down fats. The B vitamin complex consist of B2 also called riboflavin, B3 (niacin) and B6 (pyridoxine) which aid the thyroid to perform well.

The thyroid is responsible for making hormones which affect metabolism. If thyroid functionality is not top notch, chances of a person gaining weight are very high. B5 (pantothenic acid) releases energy from carbohydrates and fats. Therefore, a shortage of it results to little power.

Vitamin C

It’s best known for immunity boosting and its ability to combat illnesses. In weight loss, however, it lowers the cholesterol levels which greatly help in the maintenance of a healthy heart. It also aids in glucose conversion, therefore, providing the body with the necessary energy to burn fat.vitamins for weight loss


Together with vitamin B6, zinc helps to produce the enzymes that make food digestion possible. Research shows that zinc greatly helps in control of appetite which is very key when it comes to weight loss. It also hastens metabolism and increases the production of the thyroid hormone which is important when it comes to the achievement of healthy weight.

Vitamin E

This is an essential vitamin, and it aids in the recovery of tired muscles, therefore, helping one exercise more often as you can recover quickly from your workout sessions. It’s also an antioxidant and therefore aids in combating toxins in the body which can accumulate and cause weight gain.

How to get those vitamins and the best way to use them?

  • Vitamin D is fat soluble, and it’s found in dairy products mostly and green leafy vegetables. One should consume lots of dairy products and when cooking the vegetables, use oils or a little fat to fry them so that the vitamins can be released. The vitamin is also manufactured by the cholesterol stored under our skins through exposure to sunlight and the morning sunshine is best suited for this.


  • For B complex vitamins and choline which are water soluble, the water used to prepare them should not be poured as you can use it as a sauce for other foods. These vitamins are excreted daily as they are ingested so if you are not able to get enough amounts from the natural sources which include meat, dairy products, and greens, take its supplements.


  • Vitamin C is water soluble, and it’s found in citrus fruits like lime, oranges, and lemons mostly. It’s also available in kales and spinach, but it’s difficult to obtain it from these following sources.


  • Vitamin E is fat soluble and is richly found in nuts and seeds e.g. sunflowers seeds. It should be taken in large quantities so take supplements if need be.


  • Zinc is present in nuts, seafood, meat and since. This’s a mineral that works with vitamins, it doesn’t get destroyed easily during preparation. Although there are zinc pills available, one can get plenty of it directly from natural sources. So now you know what vitamins for weight loss are best so get going and start your regimen.

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