10 Best Ninja Blender for Smoothies on the Market

10 Best Ninja Blender for Smoothies on the Market

Top-Ninja-Blender-for-SmoothiesChoosing a single product is really a hard mission when you have a lot of options to choose from. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best ninja blender in 2018.

So you can have a look at the best ninja blender and choose the one for your kitchen.

Best Ninja Blender in 2018 to Buy

There are many factors to be considered before buying a ninja blender. Those factors are capacity, material, functions, wattage, settings, and safety.

That’s why it is not going to be an easy decision. I recommend you to read our Ninja blender Buying guide below before making a purchase.

Below is the table which shows the best ninja blender for 2018. Every blender is chosen by our professional reviewers.

Brand NameWattageCapacity 
Nutri Ninja BL680A1500 W72 Oz Check Price
Ninja Professional Blender BL6101000 W72 Oz Check Price
SharkNinja BL456 Nutri-Pro900 W18/24 Oz Check Price
SharkNinja BL660 Professional1100 W72 Oz Check Price
SharkNinja BL7701500 W72 Oz Check Price
SharkNinja BL482 Nutri Auto iQ900 W18/24 Oz Check Price
SharkNinja Blender BL6421500 W72 Oz Check Price
Ninja Professional BL6611000 W72 Oz Check Price
SharkNinja BL492 Nutri Auto-iQ 1200 W40 Oz Check Price
Ninja Professional NJ601REF900 W64 Oz Check Price

1. Nutri Ninja BL680A – Blend Shakes without Ice Chunks

Nutri_Ninja_BL680A_blenderThere is no need for pressing buttons or anything due to Auto-IQ technology in this blending system.

This blender starts to process with one touch.

The power capacity of this mixer is 1500-watt, and it is one of the most powerful blenders available today.

The blender can crush solid food in seconds and can also turn them into liquid form.

It also features a powerful motor which has the two-horsepower strength and adds power to this blender.

The Auto-IQ feature of this blender will allow the machine to analyze the speed and nature of the food for best results.

The mixer examines how the food is being processed and alternates between rapid mixing, pausing, and pulsing as is necessary.

This ensures the efficient blending of your food into a liquid without spending much time and maximum effort.

Another feature of this blender is that it shows a countdown of the process of blending which comes handy if you are in a hurry.

It shows you a countdown of how long it will take to finish mixing. This feature works on manual settings as well.

The machine’s size is extra large which means that it can hold up to 72 ounces at a time for blending.

So, this is useful for those who don’t want to blend in batches. The blender also comes with three nutria Ninja cups with seal-able lids and silicone grip.

The price of the product worth the purchase. The efficiency of this blender is worth the price of this mixer. That is why it is known as the best ninja blender of all time.

2. Ninja Professional Blender BL610 – Good for Ice and Frozen Fruits

Ninja_Professional_Blender_BL610This is another powerful blender available in the market with a capacity of 1000-watt.

The strength of this blender helps completely pulverize any ingredients in place within seconds.

The modern design of this mixer ensures that it fits nicely in the kitchen of the 21st century.

One of the unique features of this mixer includes safety lock.

This lock ensures that the blender won’t start without a lid on the top even if you attempt to power it on without securing it.

This innovative feature adds value to the user safety, and that is why it is popular among customers.

Commonly, people forget to put the lid on top of the blender which results in the flying of ingredients everywhere. This blender is for those who are forgetful.

This safety lock prevents unwanted accidents, and that is why even children can use this blender with ease.

The storage of this mixer is 72 ounces which remove the need for blending food items in batches.

The blender comes with one year warranty and protects users against any manufacturing defects.

3. SharkNinja BL456 Nutri-Pro – So Quiet Machine

SharkNinja_BL456_Nutri-Pro_reviewThis blender is available with pro extractor blades and can crush and blend any fruit or vegetable.

Even nuts, seeds, and leaves can be easily crushed with this blender.

The shape of the blades is designed to make grinding more efficient and extracting the vitamins and nutrients easy and affordable.

This ensures that your shakes or smoothies or whatever you are preparing in this blender will be full of natural nutrients and vitamins.

The fruits will be broken down into digestible and easy to absorb for the body.

It comes with two blending cups which are sealed and taken as juice cups that we can drink.

The size of the containers varies as one comes in 18 ounces and the other comes in 24 ounces.

You can pick the cup according to your need and blend the things you want.

The blender is of 900-watt which is powerful and can blend smoothies in no time.

It also comes with a book that contains 75 different recipes.

All of the parts of this blender are dishwasher safe which means that one can wash it with ease. All these features of this blender together in a machine makes it the best ninja blender available in the market.

4. SharkNinja BL660 Professional Blender – Great with Reasonable Price

SharkNinja_BL660_blenderThis mixer performs quite well with the power of nearly 1100 watts.

The total crushing technology allows the blender to boasts its abilities and to pulverize even ice in the brief period.

Due to the extra-large size of this blender, one can blend large quantity of food, fruits, nuts or vegetables in one run.

Unlike other machines which are hard to use due to their batch blending sessions.

You can make smoothies or shakes for your family or friends in one run.

There is no need to wait for making smoothies again and again.

Rather than blending in batches, you can make smoothies in one jug.

The blender comes with different sized 16-ounce cups.

Both ninja cups and blender are BPA-free and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

This blender is much more powerful and affordable than most of the blenders available in the market.

Thus, the money spent on this blender is entirely justified. That is why it is the best ninja blender currently available in the market.

5. SharkNinja BL770 Mega Kitchen System – High-Quality Features

SharkNinja_BL770_blenderThis blender is one of the strongest that can be found on the market. The power of this blender is 1500 watts.

It is not a lie when you hear the power of this blender as it is one of the most powerful blenders available in the market.

The power of this machine completely helps it to crush any single ingredient that you place inside.

It can handle these edibles without any issue. The ice can also be broken easily in this blender due to its efficiency and power.

With crushed ice of this class, you can make smoothies or slush quickly at home with the help of this machine.

The ice-based drinks and recipes are now easy to make at home with this crusher.

The technology of this blender focuses on nutrients, vitamins and actual fiber extracts which are healthy for human body.

The mixer comes with two 16 ounce cups which can be used to make delicious juices and smoothies on the go.

The mixer also comes with a food processing bowl. One can just put the food in the food processor and use it for a whole range of different purposes.

The blender can grind nuts and seeds, can chop vegetables and fruits with powerful motors and incredibly designed blades.

It can handle up to eight cups worth of ingredients. With the power of stainless steel blades, one can prepare dough of any type. In just under a minute, your dough will be ready to use.

On purchasing this item, you will get two food-processing devices with one machine.

6. SharkNinja BL482 Nutri Auto iQ – Perfect Product for Smoothies

SharkNinja_BL482_blenderAuto-IQ technology is part of this machine which means that the device can sense the food and process it accordingly.

The blender also comes with Nutri Ninja functionality program.

The Auto-IQ technology within the mixer permits it to mix ingredients all on its own.

It analyzes the mixing method and uses no matter functions necessary to dead mix the ingredients you place on the device.

You never ought to attempt to gauge the motions or timings necessary to mix your food things.

The mixer will continue all the work for you. The professional extractor blades area unit sharp and powerful, facultative the device to crush and mix any form of fruit, vegetable, nut, or seed.

Additionally, the system comes with 3 Nutri Ninja cups, which might be sealed therefore you’ll take them any place with you.

These cups are available in 3 various sizes, job to what you’re longing for.

The dimensions are a unit elephantine multi-server that holds thirty-two ounces, regular that holds twenty-four ounces, and small, which might hold eighteen ounces.

The Auto-IQ feature and therefore the straightforward, however innovative mechanisms build this device one in every of the best ninja blender within the market.

7. SharkNinja Blender BL642 Duo Auto-iQ – Helpful for Busy Persons

SharkNinja_Blender_BL642This mixer too has the Auto-IQ feature, that makes the device intelligent in alternating numerous motions and speeds, to mix your ingredients in the best manner doable.

Not solely will this feature mix your food things with the best way attainable?

However, it additionally blends it in such the simplest way that everyone nutrients and vitamins area unit extracted, leading to a whole concoction of your ingredients.

The digital timer additionally keeps you alert to however long it’ll desire and mixing, with each the Auto-IQ program and also the three manual settings that area unit obtainable.

The device incorporates a 1500-watt capability that makes it one among the powerful blenders within the market.

It comes with three seal-able jugs, that area unit obtainable in 3 sizes: thirty-two, 24, and eighteen inches.

The cans, cups, and blades area unit dishwasher safe creating for terribly simple cleanup.

This model is excellent at doing what it’s meant to and can be a worthy addition to your room if you decide on to get it.

8. Ninja Professional BL661 – Best Ninja Blender For The Price

Ninja_Professional_BL661_blenderBoasting the favored ninja crushing technology, this liquidizer to guarantees to pulverize all of your ingredients during a shorter amount of your time than you ever thought attainable.

The 72-ounce mixing jug together with the chrome steel blades helps to mix your fruits and vegetables in a manner that ensures most nutrient and sustenance extraction.

Thus, any smoothie that you simply produce during this liquidizer will certainly be wealthy with the nutrients your body wants.

You’ll make sure of this. The 1000-watt motor works with greater power to create the blades spin fast and in a manner that may facilitate mix your food things the right approach.

This refurbished product comes in good form, and therefore the quality of the machine needn’t be questioned.

It conjointly comes with Nutri cups, which might be accustomed take your smoothies with you on the go.

Victimization this device, you’ll build something, from smoothies and sauces to dips and soups.

Any ingredient you place inside the liquidizer can little doubt be systematically and equally homogenized. This potency and flexibility are what puts this device on the list of the simplest Ninja blenders.

9. SharkNinja BL492 Nutri Auto-iQ – Powerful with Versatile System

SharkNinja_BL492_blenderThis Nutri Ninja liquidizer comes with AN innovative new technology called the graceful boost technology.

This sleek boost technology combined with the Auto-IQ technology makes your mixing the foremost customizable it’s ever been.

You only ought to bit a button, for the Auto-IQ to kick in and use the graceful boost technology to pulse pause mechanically, and mix in an exceedingly means that ensures that your smoothies are going to be a powerful tool that they need ever been before.

This technology helps place this machine on the list of the simplest Ninja blenders.

There’s a large number of choices to select from, regarding mixing. You’ll opt for the nutrient extraction possibility, that helps build your drinks as vitamin-rich as doable.

Otherwise, you will choose the superior mixing option, which can produce improbably sleek drinks.

This kit even comes with a 40-ounce bowl, that you’ll use to combine and school works your ingredients. It conjointly comes with Nutri cups, that you’ll use to hold your drinks in.

These containers are created out of double wall untarnished, which implies you’ll keep your smoothies cold among them for up to four hours. of these little options, alongside the new sleek boost technology, build this Ninja liquidizer a worthy purchase.

10. Ninja Professional NJ601REF – Perfect for Baby Food

Ninja_Professional_NJ601REF_blenderThis blender has 900 watts of power along with total crushing Ninja technology. It performs very smoothly no matter what ingredient is placed inside it.

The extra-large size of this blender allows grinding more ingredients than any other ordinary mixer.

The mixer allows 64 ounces of liquid which is more than enough to make shakes and juices for friends and family.

The blender has three-speed options and pulse button to assist in blending.

One can easily use this blender to make shakes and smoothies by adjusting the speed and food items to mix.

The parts used in this blender are BPA-F free and certified dishwasher. The guarantee gives the user the power to replace damaged parts in time.

7 Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Ninja Blender for Smoothies

Ninja Blender For Smoothies
Make Smoothies with Ninja Blender

Nothing beats a smoothie for a fresh, cool, and healthy snack or meal replacement.

But the key to the making the best smoothies – other than your favorite ingredients! – is your choice of a blender.

Most blenders will do an adequate job of simply mixing ingredients but transforming ice and frozen fruits into a smooth and drinkable treat is another matter.

We all know that lumping chunks are no fun.  Likewise, if smoothies are to be a mainstay on your menu, then you’ll want to select a tool with proven durability.

Here are our 7 things to consider when shopping for the best blender for smoothies.


I like to consider myself a practical person, so I think the best place to start is the price.

Sure, we can look at the top of the line Vitamix and Blendtec machines, but if those are outside our budget (and for most they are), then let’s focus our shopping to those blenders within our budget.

We’ve identified and compared the top rated and selling blenders within each of three price tiers, under $60, under $200, and above $200.


Blender design boils down to 3 considerations.  Base size, Height, and Style.

Base size – The larger the base or bottom of your smoothie blender the more stable it will be during the blending process.

A tall, high capacity blender filled with frozen smoothie goodness can become top heavy and potentially tumble.

Another factor when considering base size is counter space, especially if you plan to leave your blender out and ready for action.

Height – This may be an easy element to overlook, however, the height of your blender is important if you plan to park it on your kitchen counter and under your kitchen cabinets.

Style – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this also holds true for blender shopping.

Some blenders are built only with function in mind while others aspire to conquer form as well.

Curves, contours, materials, and colors may all be part of your selection criteria.


The ability to crush and liquefy ice cubes and frozen fruit is critical to creating the perfect smoothie.

You want your blender to have the power to perform the task without requiring a lengthy blend time.


Do you plan to make smoothies only for yourself or for your entire family?

Are you following a strict diet and want to help manage your portion sizes?

Do you frequently use your blender for purposes other than smoothie making?

Standard blender sizes are 32oz, 48oz, and 64oz, with some manufacturers offering even larger capacities.  Consider your needs and select the appropriate capacity.


Blender pitchers are either plastic or glass.  Plastic pitchers are prone to scratching and staining over time but they won’t break if dropped.

Glass pitchers may break if dropped but they won’t scratch and are easier to clean as not all plastics are dishwasher safe.

If you, or your budget, choose plastic, be sure to look for a BPA free polycarbonate pitcher.

Easy to Clean

We covered glass pitchers being easier to clean than plastic, however, the machine itself will experience drips and splatters from time to time.

Push buttons are the most common controls on most blenders.  However, some will use push pads or even knobs, both of which are easier to clean.


The willingness of a manufacturer to warranty its product speaks to their expectations regarding the quality of their product.

It may be a deciding factor when narrowing down your selections.

We hope this overview has helped to inform your blender shopping experience.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to share your best ninja blender shopping experience.

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