Omega VRT350 Review 2018: The Best Juicer Right Now

Omega VRT350 Review 2018: The Best Juicer Right Now

Omega-VRT350-JuicerAs our #3 choice for The Top 8 Best omega Juicers, the Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Low-Speed Juicer is small and compact, fitting nicely on countertops, even in small kitchen spaces.

As one of the best vertical juicers around, the omega juicer vrt350 is priced accordingly under $500.

Though it may be too pricey for some, we recommend this vertical juicer for those who need to save space in the kitchen but want to juice regularly.

The juice expelled by the Omega 350 juicer contains less pulp and is much easier to drink and enjoy.

Omega VRT350 Vs Omega J8006 Table Comparaison

Omega-VRT350-Low-Speed-Masticating-JuicerOmega VRT350Omega-J8006-Nutrition-Center-Quiet-Dual-Stage-Slow-Speed-Masticating-JuicerOmega J8006
80 RPMs 80 RPMs
150 W150 W
10 Years Warranty15 Years Warranty
22 pounds18 pounds
Check Price Check Price


  1. Provides a small, compact base.
  2. Includes an auto cleaning system.
  3. Capable of juicing a variety of produce, including wheatgrass, at a high juice yield.
  4. Prevents oxidation and juice degradation with low speed juicing.

The Pros

  • Juice can be stored up to 72 hours without oxidation, degradation, or juice separation.
  • Small, compact size takes up less space in your kitchen.
  • Capable of juicing a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, roots, leafy greens, and grasses.
  • Its attractive body looks great when left out on countertops.
  • I t’s easy to clean and to use.

The Cons

  • Price – this juicer is more expensive than a lot of different models.
  • It has a small pulp ejection spout that could lead to clogging.
  • Smaller feet chute adds to prep time.

What Do Owners Say about this Juicer?

Overall a very large majority of owners have rated the Omega VRT350 either 4 or 5 stars on a 5-star scale.

Owners love the quietness of this juicer, as well as the higher juice yields it produces.


Reviewers have commented on the dryness of the pulp, which makes the juice more enjoyable overall. 

One beginner juicer stated, “I couldn’t ask for anything more for my first juicer.”

Omega-VRT350-Heavy-Duty-Low-Speed-Masticating-JuicerOther VRT350 users have mentioned the ease of cleanup with this juicer, writing that it’s much easier to clean than their previous juicers.

Owners also commented on how great the juice produced by the VRT350 tastes, and that this juicer is helping them to live a healthier life.

Some of the flaws mentioned about the VRT350 were that the pulp ejection spout is so small that it gets clogged frequently, especially when juicing greens.

Others noted that the pulp doesn’t get strained out of the juice very well.

Some people were dissatisfied by having to cut up the fruits and vegetables prior to juicing due to the small size of the VRT350’s feed chute.

Finally, one owner stated that there were too many parts to clean.

Who Should Not Purchase this Juicer?

For those who strongly dislike pulp in their juice, you may want to opt for a different juicer.

The VRT350 leaves some pulp in the juicer, requiring owners to feed the juice back through a few times to get rid of it.

If you are looking for a great beginner model, you may want to take a look at some cheaper options, perhaps a centrifugal juicer, to get started with.


For experienced juicers who want to save space and juice quietly, the Omega VRT350 is a great little juicer. It looks great and works on tons of different product types.

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